The Best Folding Bikes of 2015 – 2016 – 2017 Reviewed

One of the main reasons why folding bikes have become so popular in the world today is the fact that they are portable. A portable bicycle is not just convenient; but it will transform your biking experience to your delight.

Dahon-Folding-Bikes-in-SA-21It is no wonder that there are over 150 models of folding bikes to choose from. However, to enjoy all the merits, it is critical for every person to choose the best folding bikes for the best rewards. For this reason, this article is going to break down the jargon and give you a comprehensive review of some of the best portable bikes in the market.

You will be in a position to compare the pros and shortcomings and see what best fits your needs. The good news is that the variety has enabled users to get more options at good prices. In this regard, you will also know why these types of bikes are essential. They are indeed an asset to have and you will see why.

In addition, the information below will provide an unparalleled guide into the factors that go into choosing a folding bike that will work for you. Not knowing what to look for in a good folding bike will be a big setback and the idea is to get the best value for money; while the quality and functionality are still intact.

Comparing The Top 3 Best Folding Bikes

The Dahon Mariner D7 Brushed Folding Bike
Allen Sports XWay Aluminum Folding Bike 20 Speed
  • Allen Sports XWay
  • $1,399.99
  • Color: Stone

    Frame Material: Aluminum

    Brake Style: Mechanical Rim

    Dimensions: 33.5 x 14 x 27.5 inches

    Weight: 24 pounds

    Wheel Size: 45.1 inches
  • 8 Review(s)
  • Dahon Mu Uno Shadow
  • $567.17
  • Color: Shadow

    Frame Material: SuperLite 4130 chromoly

    Brake Style: Shimano Coaster

    Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 30 inches

    Weight: 24 pounds

    Wheel Size: 20 inches
  • 13 Review(s)

Not Impressed by The Top 3 Best Folding Bikes? Check These:

dahon broadwalk folding bike
  • Dahon Boardwalk
  • Price: 308.18
  • Rating: rating 3.5
dahon broadwalk folding bike
  • Dahon Jetstream P8
  • Price: 1,338.99
  • Rating: 4.5 rating
dahon broadwalk folding bike
  • Dahon MU P8
  • Price: 611.54
  • Rating: 4.5 rating
dahon broadwalk folding bike
  • Dahon Speed D7
  • Price: 529.00
  • Rating: 4.5 rating
dahon broadwalk folding bike
  • Dahon Speed P8
  • Price: 595.21
  • Rating: 4 rating
Dahon Speed Uno Folding Bike
  • Dahon Speed Uno
  • Price: 402.96
  • Rating: 4 rating
Hasa F2 Sram 6-Speed Folding BIke
  • Hasa F2 Sram
  • Price: 503.45
  • Rating: 4 rating
Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 8-Speed Electric Folding BIke
  • Prodeco V3 Phantom X2 Electric Bike
  • Price: 1499.00
  • Rating: 4 rating
Retrospec Bicycles Speck Folding Single-Speed Bicycle
  • Retrospec Speck Single-Speed
  • Price: 294.99
  • Rating: 4 rating
Schwin 20 Loop 7-Speed Folding Bike
  • Schwin 20 Loop 7-Speed
  • Price: 231.61
  • Rating: 4.5 rating

What to Look for When Buying a Folding Bike?

There are numerous factors that you should consider before buying. This is because you want value for money and a product that serves you as required.

The following is a breakdown of the most important elements to consider.

There are all manner of folding bikes that serve specific roles. You need to identify your need for the bike. If you want a bike for travel on public transport, then you should consider a bike that is very compact, very lightweight and one that is very quick to pack. If you want one for long journeys, then look for a folding bike with large wheels, slower to pack and one with good suspension. Those who want a bike for use off road, one with thick large wheels and suspension will do. Those who wish to get a bike that can be carried on planes will need a very compact bike that is slower to pack.

Also consider a bike that is ideal for your gender if you are a man or woman. There are many unisex adult bikes that people can consider. Otherwise, you will find men’s bikes and women’s bikes to choose from. All in all, know the clear purpose of the folding bike.

This is another vital consideration when buying this product. Larger wheels are easier to ride and fold slower. Small wheels are hard to ride and they have a lighter steering. The four main sizes are 24-inch, 20-inch, 18 and 16-inch wheels. These specifications will help you know where you fit in best.

All folding bikes do not fold the same way. There is half fold, triangle hinge and break away. The half fold bikes will fold in half and this is made possible by a hinge point. There are also quick release clamps that make it possible for the seat and handle bars to retract.

With the triangle hinge, frames are able to fold down in very small sizes. This is made possible by flip hinges that make the rear wheel to swing underneath. With the break away, the bike is partly folded and dissembled so that it can fit into a small compartment. The latter consumes a lot of time.

Folding bikes that come with a suspension mechanism have a better ride than those that do not. Although this may add some weight in the bike, the comfort cannot be overlooked. Tough rides caused by smaller wheels can be mitigated this way.

Frame size will determine how comfortable you are in the folding bike. In addition, the size will determine the maximum height of the rider. In this regard, this consideration will help you to make a suitable decision on folding bikes. Most bikes will suit people who are between 4’10 and 6’4′. If you are taller, a telescopic seat-post will be ideal for you.

Reviewing The Top 3 Rated Folding Bikes

The Dahon Mariner D7 Brushed Folding Bike – Price: $588.17 buy button

The Dahon Mariner D7 Brushed Folding Bike large

This attractive folding bicycle can be folded within just 15 seconds. You can take it anywhere because it is light enough to your delight. If you wish to carry it on public transport, this is ideal because it is one of the best models to carry around. You can carry it in a bus or a train and for people who want to just store it in the apartment or house, it will fit just right. This model is protected from damage thanks to the Dahon Neos rear feature it is fitted with. In this regard, it allows a crisp, fast shifting and low design that keeps damage at bay.

This model is characterized by a 7005 aluminum frame with tubing that is customized. In addition, this folding bike has six other technologies that are patterned and this goes to make sure that the bike is functioning optimally as can be.


okicon Ideal for boaters and no matter the size of the boat; it is convenient.

okicon Versatile enough to be used in other forms of public transport.

okicon It folds fast and small making it ideal for limited spaces like apartments.

okicon It is comfortable and easy to handle; ideal for getting about town leisurely or commuting.

okiconFitted with cutting edge technologies to make it more powerful and efficient.


xicon It may be rust resistant but it is not rust proof. Good maintenance is needed to minimize corrosion.

xicon Although not too expensive, there are cheaper folding bikes in the market.

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Allen Sports XWay Aluminum 20 Speed – Price: $1,399.99 buy button

Allen Sports XWay Aluminum Folding Bike 20 SpeedbiggerThe Allen Sports XWay bike is a very light folding bicycle that comes with a 6061 aluminum frame. It is also fitted with top notch components that make it an ideal bike for long distances as well as urban commutes.

This is one of the folding bikes that offers you a wide variety of gear ranges because it comes with 20 speeds. In this regard, users can go at high speeds on flat terrains as they desire. It is also adjustable for climbing hills as well as other terrains that are in between. Compared to other standard bikes, this model comes with improved wheel capability which makes handling over 20″ and 16″ possible. It comes with 451 MM wheels.

Folding is quick and easy and it can be done in just 8 seconds. This is made possible by the patterned frame release levers it is fitted with. When folded, this bike can be rolled like a cart. This is because it has a patterned wheel lock system that is able to secure it accordingly.


okicon This is an ideal bike for high performance thanks to the many technologies is has been fitted with.

okicon A suitable bike for urban commuting and long distance rides.

okicon Its ability to roll like a cart makes it more functional and makes work easier for the user.

okiconIt folds very fast and consumer little storage space.

okicon It is a very comfortable bike that is easy to use.


xicon Compared to other folding bikes in its class, it is a bit pricey.

xicon A high quality bike that may be a target for theft.

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Dahon Mu Uno Shadow Folding Bike – Price: $402.96 buy button

The Dahon Mariner D7 Brushed Folding Bike largeThe Dahon Mu Uno comes with a single speed. The folding time is pretty quick and it will not take more than 10 seconds. This is one of the lightest bikes because it weighs about 22lbs or 9.9 kg.

There is a specification when it comes to who can use this bike regarding weight and height. It is designed for people who are 142 to 193 cm. Regarding weight, this product is ideal for people who have a maximum of 230lbs or 105 kg. It is an interesting bike that comes in a practical simplistic design that will delight many users.


okicon There are no cables to adjust nor are there shifters. In this regard, users can enjoy the backpedal brake and try power slides as they desire.

okicon It is an excellent bike for riding fast and carrying around the train station or wherever you are going. It does not matter the weather because this bike has been created in top quality to provide optimal efficiency.

okicon Ideal for people who do not like to fuss about different parts like cables. It is a good bike for those who are looking for something functional without any compromise on quality.

okicon It comes with a good warranty from the manufacturer to make every user feel more secure while riding.


xicon Not ideal for people who are looking for multiple features in a folding bike.

xicon Single speed can be limiting to some people.

xicon The height and weight specifications or requirement will marginalize people who might want to ride but do not fit the bill.

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Reasons, Why You Should Buy a Folding Bike.

First, a folding bike can save you a lot of money in commuting fares when you live in an urban set up. With little maintenance and no fuel needs, this is the perfect answer to urban commuting. In addition, you get to go everywhere with the bike including your office. The fact that it is portable makes all the difference saving you a host of costs each day. Another good reasons why this bike is ideal is because it can improve your health. More and more people are reaping the bad fruit of inactivity facilitated by cars. Riding a bike will get your heart rate up and contour your body to ensure that you are as healthy as can be.

It is also very affordable. If you go by the above reviews of the best folding bikes, you will get an ideal bike that is well within your budget needs. Riding this bike is also very stylish and you can get a chance to showcase your bike and this breeds riding enthusiasm which is highly rewarding. It is an excellent opportunity to avoid public transport whenever you need to. Riding gives you a sense of freedom and control and this feeling cannot come from riding a train. You also get a chance to explore different terrains where there are no roads when you seek adventure.

Another reason why you should buy a folding bike is because it is a great investment. The resale value of these bikes is high and in this regard, you can get good money for it. In addition, the cost of maintenance is so low and this will work to remove stress in your life.

More and more people are choosing to go this direction owing to the numerous merits of owning a folding bike. Above all, a light portable bike is no hassle at all and no matter where you are, you can bring the folding bike experience with you. Do not forget the positive environmental impact riding the bike has.


If you consider all the information above, you will not have any problem getting a suitable folding bike that meets your needs. Above all, you want to buy a good product with minimal hassle and this is the way to go.

After you have bought your folding bike, you can now begin to enjoy all the merits that come with it. Have fun!

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