Normal Bike vs Folding Bike?

How about a penny for your thoughts about folding bikes? Answers may include riding it is parallel to a slower ride, the inability to climb hills, and that it’s a less durable model than a normal conventional bicycle. Given these factors, why should you consider a folding bike instead of a normal bike? The aforementioned things are actually just to name some common misconceptions.

Nowadays, you can expect to acquire a folding type that holds typically the same characteristics as a full-sized type, and gives off the same performance!

Over the years, these bikes have been continuously improved by its manufacturers in keeping up with the latest trends and advancements, incorporating state-of-the art technology in their bicycles. A folder now presents itself among the best bikes you can get, and here are some good reasons why:

folding bike

Let’s start with the obvious reason – It folds. This is quite a simple mechanism, yet it goes way beyond than this capability as it “unfolds” numerous benefits once you unfold your bike! If it is a must to be able to store your bike in a tight place, then it is also a must to consider this bicycle. Sure enough, it is easier to store and is a space saver. The smaller size you come up with allows you to fit it perfectly in a car boot or train luggage rack. The process consumes just a few minutes to do so, and a bit of practice and getting used to it, one can achieve it in just a few seconds.

Same as when buying any bike, knowing if a the folding type is perfect for you depends on your purpose for it. If you’re the type of person who loves riding around town or commutes almost every day of your life, going off to work and fulfilling short shopping trips, then this bike will undoubtedly prove to be worthwhile. The ability to be able to easily access various modes of transportation within a single journey is of great importance to cyclists. A folding bike does not come with restrictions and is unobstructed when brought on board public transport, making it practical and convenient not only for yourself, but for others as well. It promotes improved urban multi-modal travel with the freedom to go anywhere while you are granted added peace of mind since it is safer from theft than a normal bike.

If you’re quite adventurous and want speed, daring to go race downhill, up for the challenge of off road riding then it’s best to look at other bicycle options. But wait! This bike’s acceleration comes close to, if not just the same as a normal bike. In essence, a bicycle’s gear inches set in a particular gear setting is defined as the number of inches that your bike can travel, measured by one full revolution of its pedals. Most brands today utilize next-generation gearing systems that provide wide gear ranges that likewise allow for huge variations of gear inches. In short, having smaller wheels are not particularly slower than their “normal” cousins.

High quality folding bikes with better frames, hinges and joints exhibit long life spans and reliable durability. There are a good number of folding mountain bikes out that would serve energetic, ultra fit cyclists well on the road, where it’s also possible to go up steep mountain trails. Some models can impressively hold hundreds of pounds of weight and manages to execute stability. It is a highly versatile type that can fit almost every need.

Going back to the main question, why should you consider a folding bike instead of a normal bike?

Simply because it makes you wonder why you didn’t in the first place, and you just can’t imagine life without it!

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